New Devo on Prayer

I am excited to announce that the new devotional co-written with my dear sister-in-Christ and fellow Nigeria MK, Harriet E. Michael, has been released!

It is available on Amazon in print and Kindle versions.

Click here to find: Glimpses of Prayer

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Coming soon!

Harriet and I are excited to reveal the cover of our next devotional, Glimpses of Prayer.

This devotional has 50 meditations on prayer. It is the third book in our Prayer Series: Prayer: It’s Not About You (Harriet wrote) and Prayer Study Guide-A Companion to Prayer: It’s Not About You (I wrote).


New Study Guide Release!!

I am thrilled to announce the release of the Study Guide on Prayer—Companion to Prayer: It’s Not About You by Harriet E. Michael.

Prayer: It’s Not About You
is an awesome book by my lifelong friend
Harriet E. Michael.

When I received my copy of Harriet’s book Prayer: It’s Not About You last May, I began marking it and thinking about how to teach the book to a study group. The Study Guide on Prayer is the compilation of the reading and “sanctification boosters” (aka homework assignments) this group worked through.

(Harriet and I co-authored Glimpses of the Savior: 30 Meditations for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.)

All three books are available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon and most bookstores by request:
Study Guide on PrayerCompanion to Prayer: It’s Not About You
Prayer: It’s Not About You
Glimpses of the Savior: 30 Meditations on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year

You may also be interested in Paul the Counselor: Counseling and Disciple-Making Modeled by the Apostle. I co-wrote the chapter “Paul and Women in Ministry” with my friend Ruth Froese.

For more information go to: Shirley Crowder or Harriet E. Michael

Prayer: It’s Not About You w/ Harriet Michael

Prayer coverI am so excited that my life-long friend and Glimpses of the Savior co-author, Harriet E. Michael, will be joining us for the next two weeks for discussions on prayer that we are basing on her newly-released book, Prayer: It’s Not About You.

Tune in for an opportunity to win a free copy of Prayer: It’s Not About You that has been signed by Harriet.

In addition to being my life-long friend, Harriet is a committed Christ-follower, who is a Christian writer. In addition to this book about prayer, she co-wrote Glimpses of the Savior, and has had over 200 of her devotionals published.

Read Harriet’s blog about it: What He Has Done For My Soul

Join us as we remain on the topic of “Women in Ministry” by continuing our journey through the book, Paul the Counselor: Counseling and Disciple-making Modeled by the Apostle, edited by Dr. Mark Shaw and Dr. Bill Hines. Chapter 11: “Paul and Women in Ministry” written by Ruth Froese and Shirley Crowder will be the springboard for our discussions.

While some of the discussions will speak specifically to women who work in ministry/church organizations, these discussions are pertinent to every woman who is a Christ-follower.

We will have several women as in-studio and Skyped-in guests throughout this series. You will not want to miss hearing any of these testimonies of God at work in and through the lives of these women!

Live-stream, listen, or watch at 2:00 p.m. Central.

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